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About Us

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XSDcompany is a Dallas-Fort Worth, TX and Saratov, Russia, based software company providing solutions to both local and international clients.

We provide custom web site design, custom software application development, mobile application development, search engine optimization and social media marketing services in the Dallas Metroplex.

We aim at delivering services with high quality and lower costs and risks.

XSD has a team of highly skilled software engineers, designers, SEO gurus having extensive knowledge of and experience in international software engineering. It gives us an opportunity to provide our clients with the best service, to complete our projects on time and on budget. To guarantee the superior quality of our work we continuously strive to meet all our customers’ requirements and wishes.

Our programmers’ team consists of professionals experienced in developing large, complex, and challenging software development projects.

We know what our partners expect from us. We know about the problems we are to face, such as exceeding the time, going over budget, losing understanding, and we carefully avoid these potential problems and finish the project on time and within budget.

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